Surprising Benefits of Exercising Outdoors in Winter

Surprising Benefits of Exercising Outdoors in Winter

Brrrrr! It’s getting chilly out there. But instead of spending the rest of winter hibernating on your couch and bingeing on bon-bons, head outside and embrace the elements! Doing so can benefit your mental and physical health in several ways.

From strengthening your bones to improving your immunity, here are five ways outdoor exercise can boost your health this winter.

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Working out when it is cold forces you to expend more energy to raise your body temperature. Jo Zimmerman, an instructor in the department of kinesiology at the University of Maryland and a trainer, tells the Washington Post:

“If you are making athletic-level effort — cycling hard, running at a training level — you are burning 10 to 40 percent more calories in the cold than you would in more temperate temperatures.”

According to the CalorieLab website, a 150-pound individual will burn the following number of calories when engaging in one hour of these winter activities:

  • Skating at more than 9 mph: 544
  • Cross country skiing at a moderate effort (4 to 4.9 mph): 476
  • Snowshoeing: 476
  • Sledding: 408
  • Downhill skiing at moderate effort: 340